Many cancer patients are not treated with chemotherapy. Some such treatments mentally or by a principle and some have already undergone all possible courses of chemotherapy leaving no other chemotherapy combination in the medical arsenal that can help them. These patients seek natural and non-toxic courses of treatment through adjunctive therapy.

a. Natural Cancer Treatment

Natural cancer treatment means treatment without the use of toxic chemicals, no destructive energy and no harmful procedures. Many measures are employed during natural cancer treatment, including dietary habits change, food supplements, medicinal herbs, physical activity, group therapy, body cleanse and detox products, and more.

What all these methods have in common is that they work with the body’s physiology and natural activity, and not against them. These treatment methods are therefore non-toxic and do not exhibit side-effects or harm the body or mind.

Some courses of treatment included under the definition of natural cancer treatment have been scientifically researched on several different levels and fall under complementary-integrative cancer therapy’, while others have not and are considered ‘alternative cancer treatments’.

b. Patients Who Refuse Chemotherapy

There is a dilemma among oncologists who combine adjunctive-integrative approaches with conventional cancer treatment. Are they supposed to convince a patient who refuses chemotherapy to change their mind and undergo these treatments?

The answer is it depends on the patient and the type of cancer.

Some patients have witnessed their family members or friends undergo chemotherapy and the suffering that goes with it to no avail. These patients exhibit a strong internal objection to chemotherapy. This often counteracts what the patient would have gained from chemotherapy. The mental harm caused by administering treatment against the patient’s will can adversely affect the immune system and counteract the benefits of chemotherapy.

However, there are cases where chemotherapy has the highest probability of affecting the tumor. In these cases, the benefits of chemotherapy outweigh the damage caused by going against the patient’s feelings.

no chemotherapy

c. Coping With Cancer The Natural Way

Natural cancer treatments are directly correlated with patient satisfaction.

Cancer treatments in the hospital are characterized by a physician-patient relationship where the physician sets the course of treatment and the patient receives them. On the other hand, patients seeking natural cancer treatments feel for the first time that they are part of the process and that they are the ones fighting the cancer. These patients are often more relaxed, much more confident in themselves and the treatment and exhibit obvious mental strength.

In natural medicine, the relationship between the caregiver and patient is usually deep and intensive, which is in and of itself invaluable to the treatment of the patient and the cancer.

It is also worth mentioning that the physician-patient relationship in the hospital is also very important, and a patient that feels a connection, empathy and trust toward their attending physician has a higher chance of coping with the cancer.

d. To Summarize

Natural cancer treatment is an integral part of the cancer treatment arsenal. Natural treatment can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments and sometimes as the only treatment for the disease.

Natural cancer treatments are characterized by almost no side-effects, no pain and no harm, and can therefore be used on all types of patients and in any situation.