Living without cancer book

The Textbook for Integrative Cancer Therapies

Living without cancer book

In this unique book, the author describes his personal experience in treating cancer from 3 entirely different points of view: As an expert Oncologist, as a physician using CAM – Complementary Alternative Medicine methods, and as a cancer victim himself.

Cancer patients and professionals will find in this textbook one of the most comprehensive and up to date resources of information from the field of complementary medicine about methods for prevention and treatment of cancer.

This textbook is based on Dr. Brenner’s many years of experience in treating cancer by conventional and alternative medicine, and on many articles that had been published in the mainstream medical journals dealing with integrative medicine and its contribution to the treatment of cancer.

Various complementary and alternative treatments for different kinds of cancer are described in detail. Among other subjects, the reader will be able to find answers to many questions categorized by various types of cancer:
• What is the right diet for cancer patients
• What life habits need to be changed
• How can cancer be treated by heat (hyperthermia}?
• What vitamins and minerals are most suitable?

The textbook describes the effect of food supplements such as hormones, enzymes, amino-acids, fatty-acids and herbs on cancer; various treatments for symptoms such as: lack of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, etc…, the effect of food supplements on increasing efficacy and decreasing toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. You can read here the table of content.

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