Additional treatments

Intravenous selenium

Selenium is an important mineral in the human body. Studies show a connection between selenium and delayed development in cancer cells.

High-dosage selenium treatments delay the development of cancer cells, leaving the activity of normal cells uninterrupted.

Selenium treatments are usually combined with a suitable diet.

Food supplements

The use of food supplements for integrative treatments of different types of cancer has been gaining momentum in recent years.
Alongside studies that indicate the efficiency of different food supplements as cancer treatments, it was also found that food supplements provide support for patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These supplements may improve the efficiency and reduce toxicity of treatments as well as reduce side effects and symptoms caused by the disease.
New-Hope Center provides personal tailor-made treatments with food supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats, medicinal plants, medicinal mushrooms, enzymes, hormones, etc). Matching treatment to the patient is made according to the type of illness, disease stage, the general and nutritional condition of the patient and treatments they receive.


During recent years, more and more conventional studies indicate a direct connection between nutrition and the prevention and treatment of cancer. Changing nutritional habits may significantly improve a patient’s chances of survival.
New-Hope Medical Center considers correct nutrition as anti-cancer medication (food as medicine). Nutritional treatments that are offered to cancer patients are not perceived and given as a temporary diet but as a permanent change in eating habits. This treatment is based on the premise that some food products encourage the activity of cancerous cells and should be avoided, compared to food products that contain ingredients that slow the development of cancer cells and are recommended.

Changing habits

Medical studies published in recent years indicate a direct connection between nutrition and health as well as several other factors including physical activity, stress and sleep. We consider all these factors when designing a treatment plan and counsel patients on the reduction of stressful situations, the importance of treating sleep disorders, and the overall prevention and treatment of cancerץ