New Hope Medical Center

Medical Center for integrative cancer treatment

New Hope is a unique medical center in Israel that has been treating cancer patients for over a decade using an integrative approach. New Hope was established to provide cancer patients with the knowledge and treatment options that stretch beyond conventional cancer care.

Dr. Joseph Brenner, the center’s founder and director, is one of Israel’s leading oncologists and an expert in integrative medicine and hyperthermia for cancer treatment. Various types of cancer are treated at New Hope using protocols that have been developed by Dr. Brenner. Treatments may be given in conjunction with hospital treatments, or as the sole primary treatment.

The center is equipped with the most innovative equipment required for treatments in this field. Treatment methods used at New Hope today are commonly used in hospitals and medical centers in many European countries including Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Denmark. In addition, these treatments are offered in Asia, Australia and North America.

The benefits of integrative treatment

Treatments provided at the center are designed to serve as tools in the war against cancer. Methods such as hyperthermia, galvanotherapy and high-dose intravenous vitamin C have an anticancer effect and act synergistically with conventional treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and biological therapy.

new hope medical center
In addition, these treatments help patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy deal better with the conventional treatments, reducing side effects and damage and increasing effectiveness,

Integrative cancer treatments improve quality of life, preventing and treating cachexia (loss of weight), improving appetite and fatigue and increasing the patient’s general wellbeing.

A full range of treatments in one center

New Hope Center provides the full range of integrative treatments for patients with cancer of all types and at all stages. These treatments include hyperthermia, galvanotherapy and high-dose intravenous vitamin treatments as well as nutritional support programs, physical activity and lifestyle consultation and the recommendation of vitamins, medicinal herbs and other supplements.

Treatments provided at the center are non-toxic, are not painful, do not cause side effects or damage the body. Therefore, treatments are suitable even for patients in poor physical condition.

Treatments are provided on an out-patient basis allowing patients to maintain their normal home and family life.

Personalized treatment

At New Hope, treatments are “tailor made” for the patient’s special needs. Dr. Brenner prepares a suitable treatment regimen for each patient, based on their disease type, its progress, their general and mental state and any other underlying illnesses.