Dr. Joseph Brenner graduated in 1971 from the Tel-Aviv University Medical Faculty. He specialized in Internal Medicine and thereafter specialized in Oncology at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel. Likewise, he furthered his training in radiation (radiotherapy), at the "Rhode-Island" Medical Center in Providence, Rhode-Island, USA and in Medical Oncology (chemotherapy) at the largest cancer medical center in the world "Memorial Sloan Kettering", New York, USA.

Upon his return to Israel, Dr. Brenner established the Oncology Clinic at the Wolfson Hospital, Holon, which he has been managing director to-date. Dr. Brenner has published about 30 articles on various oncology subjects and is a member of many oncology organizations in Israel and abroad.

 For the past 15 years, Dr. Joseph Brenner has been combining alternative-complementary and conventional methods to treat cancer. In order to acquire more knowledge on these subjects, Dr. Brenner attends many workshops and seminars in Israel and abroad, participates in various worldwide conferences on the subject of alternative-complementary medicine for cancer, continues to visit many medical centers in Europe and North America using these methods. Dr. Brenner established the "New-Hope" Medical Center in Tel-Aviv, in order to give "new hope" to cancer patients by use of additional ways of treatment, in the battle to overcome this terrible illness.

In order to expose the afflicted public and their families to this valuable information regarding the importance of these methods, Dr. Brenner organized a large medical conference in Israel named "Hope 2000". Likewise, Dr. Brenner is a popular lecturer, on the uses of alternative-complementary medicine in cancer and cancer hyperthermia, at many conferences in Italy, Germany, Denmark and the USA.

Dr. Brenner, as an oncology expert and with vast experience in treating cancer patients by alternative-complementary medicine and hyperthermia, firmly believes that a combination of all these treatments needs to be utilized during the illness. According to Dr. Brenner, to obtain the best possible results "the earlier applied, the better the chances are to overcome the illness".


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